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23 January 2016

Up-coming Workshop: Sewing for Beginners.

UPCOMING SEWING WORKSHOP. With the help of the awesome Stitch-Up, I will be running a Beginners sewing class in the incredibly beautiful Duke Studios here in Leeds. 
The class is held on two consecutive Tuesday in May, the 3rd & 10th, and are two hours each! Four whole hours to get to know your machine.
In the class you'll be shown everything you need to build your confidence with a sewing machine; we will make a super cute headscarf to get you started that will teach your some essential techniques, then we will move on to making a super useful and fully lined tote bag!

Everything you need is included within the ticket price. That includes all the fabrics too; we have a bunch of locally sourced beautiful fabrics so you can pick something out that you love. It'll be a fun, informal workshop aimed at showing you how easy it is to make something awesome and useful.

I really cannot wait. We've only got 6 places so get your tickets quick. If you can't make this one, dont worry! If there is enough of you we'll get more booked in fo' sure! All the event information, including where to find tickets, can be found right here.

Stitch-Up and Duke Studios are running a bunch of crafty workshops this year too; macrame, crochet and all things yarn, so make sure you check those out:

3 January 2016

Diet Revamp 2016


I'm not setting myself any goals this year. At the beginning of 2015 I set all these amazing goals for myself and hit almost zero perfect of them; not because I wasn't motivated or interested, but other things cropped up that occupied a lot of my time, mainly the shop and sewing but also work in general, the dog and being a normal human being.

One thing I definitely plan to do this year though is to give my diet a huge revamp. Dixon and me had a stint at eating incredibly well during 2015, for maybe a month and we felt awesome. I couldn't believe how much better I felt. Seriously, I felt more awake and lighter, and just full of energy. We were having smoothies for breakfast, hardly any bread, tonnes of vegetables in and around every plate and totally raw meals too. Oh, and my parents gave Dixon and me a spiralizer, which means more courgette noodles!

I'll try and keep you up dated when I can, but here's to being a less shitty vegan. Come on fruit & veg!


31 December 2015

Bye Bye 2015

Its the end of 2015 and the perfect opportunity for me to pass on my thanks to every single one of you. I opened By the Lock Handmade back in May and since then have been blown away by support from you guys. Everyone that liked, shared and bought from me, you are awesome. Everyone that came to see me at the couple of craft fairs I did, everyone that took a business card or sticker and complimented my work. Everyone that put faith in me and ordered a custom order. Thank you for the endless support from the wonder Etsy Team Leeds guys. Thanks for every instagram photo like and twitter retweet; it really means the world to me and I cannot wait to keep going into 2016 and see what it will bring.

Whatever your plans are to see in the new year, have the best time! Here is to an awesomely creative 2016! 

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